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Welcome, new business owner!


Yes, you are a now a business owner, with only a few brochures and the joining fee that you already paid to join Justine, you can now earn thousands extra every month.

Without any staff, any building, any stock requirement and armed with only a brochure you can take your business sky high.

Complete this entire course then you will now how to successfully manage and build your new business.

First step, do this now:

Join our AVON Whatsapp group where we broadcast important information and new brochures:

Avon Whatsapp

Here is the link to join the Whatsapp group,  go to that website on your phone then you will be on the group.

It is not a chat group so you don’t have to worry about receiving notifications while you sleep, it’s just for us to send you important information and the monthly and special brochures.

Joining the above group will make sure you are “plugged in” and on the “train” moving to your destination!

When you decide that you want to build your own team, you will show them to this website and they will follow the same steps, this way you will duplicate the success that other leaders have achieved.


Great, now complete the rest of the training whenever you have time and remember at the end of the course you will receive a fancy certificate that you can print and display and you will be ready to take the next step to making more money with AVON…

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  • Hi if you new at Avon but u have received to first order… When you want to order u still sent ur orders to a person that joined for u?

  • I am currently a representative wanting to expand her business.
    I have since becoming a representative started up my own little Avon kiosk to sell products to walk in customers.

  • I freakin love Avon products and I love selling and using it. The products are easy to sell and there’s something for everyone. I think i’m going to do great things with Avon!