In your first order of every month you will also receive a brochure called the “Just for You”.

When you browse through this brochure you will see products marked at special prices and demo prices.

All of the products in this brochure is for your eyes only. It shows you what is coming next month in the brochure and you may now order from this brochure at a special discounted price if you want to show it to your customers and prepare them for next month.

The items in the “Just for You” is limited to 1 of each item per consultant so you cannot order more than 1 of each.

There is also no discount to be earned from the “Just for You” items as the price in the “Just for You” brochure is already less than the price that you would pay for it after discount is applied next month.

Samples, plastic bags etc.

Near the back of the brochure you will see a page with samples and sales aids. To order these you would simply just add the codes to your regular order and order like you would usually do from the regular brochure.

So if you order online or via SMS, just add the codes to your order there or if you order by sending the order form to head office just add the codes on your order form the same way you would add codes from the regular brochure.

The “Just for You” will be included with your very first order of every month or to access it online click the button below: