In the introduction we mentioned the three levels of business leaders – Pearl, Sapphire and Diamond. Within these 3 levels there are 3 to 4 smaller levels that will make it easier for you to grow your income bigger.

Here is a full view of the levels (you will also receive this chart in your business leader bag):


Pearl Leader is your first goal. For this level all you need is R700 brochure sales on your account and 4 other consultants in your team who have also placed orders and the total sales of you and your entire team is a least R6000. You will then receive 4% commission on all of their net sales (discounted amount of sales).

When you reach a new level you will also receive bonuses for 3 months if you manage to maintain that level. For every level you reach you will receive bonuses for 3 months per level as long as you don’t go back a level.


Try to reach a different level every 2nd or 3rd month because when you reach Diamond Leader level you will earn 10% on your team’s sales, 2.5% on the teams of the all of the business leaders beneath you and 1.5% on all of the teams of your business leader’s business leaders.

Also, for every person that you recruit who have an invoiced order of R700 or more you will receive an extra R40.

Grow your team by at least 2 active consultants every month and you will receive more bonuses!

This could be your pension plan