My husband and I have been business leaders for the past 5 years and we have had great success in replacing our primary income with the money we earn from Justine as business leaders. I would like you to aim BIG so that you too can do all the things you’ve always wanted to do with the money you will be earning from Justine.

Multi-level-marketing is the best way to earn income from any business, it simply means that you will be earning not just from the people you personally register to join Justine, but also from the people that those people register to join and also from those 3rd level of people who were registered!

There are 3 main levels of Consultants and Business Leaders – PEARL, SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND.


Follow these 4 easy steps to earn as a business leader:

  1. Place a personal order – You need to have your own customers buying from you too. All Business Leaders MUST have a personal, invoiced order each month so they can earn commission on their Team Sales.
  2. Appoint New Consultants – Share the earning opportunity with others. Grow your team by appointing them as Consultants.
  3. Get Consultants Active – Get as many Consultants as you can to place their orders every month, the order must be invoiced, i.e. Paid upfront if Pay as You Go or within credit limit.
  4. Get Group Award Sales – Group Award Sales are the net amount of all Consultants’ orders plus your orders. You’ll need a minimum amount of Group Award Sales to maintain a specific Leadership Level.

Justine Business Leadership will give you the opportunity to build your own business in partnership with Justine. You will receive training materials and workshops that will help and guide you to reach your goals, no matter how big or small they are.

You’re not alone – we and your Area Sales Manager will support you to ensure your questions are answered.

The opportunities with Justine Business Leadership are endless.

Watch this short video on Justine’s Business Leadership: