If you see that your order has been “Invoiced” more that 5 work days ago but you have not yet received it, phone head office at 0860102345 and speak to an agent to track it for you. You can also send them an email to justine.queries@avon.com

They assist with:

  • Tracking Orders with the couriers directly (you can also ask them the couriers phone number to call them directly. I’ve attached it to this email as-well.
I always take my drivers number as well in case you are not home/work address to sign for your delivery. Always leave a permission letter for who ever to sign for you with an id copy because if they deliver and you are not home they will send your order back to head office and they would have to resend the order that takes up another week to reach you.
  • Check if your order has been invoiced
Delivery takes 4-5 working days excluding Saturdays and Sundays. Check your invoice date, if you don’t receive it within 4-5 working days you must call Head Office to track your order.
  • Shorted Items – Invoiced

If you were invoiced for an item and did not receive it, send me a copy of the invoice with the item code marked. Then call head office and ask them to add that item on back order then it will be merged with your next invoiced order.


You can also track your order by yourself by using the courier apps below:

Once an order is invoiced, delivery takes 4 to 5 work days.

When your very first box is delivered, take note which courier company delivered the box, it will either be “Fast n Furious” couriers or “FastWay” couriers. You may also phone JUSTINE (0860102345) and ask them which courier will be delivering your order.

Both have a mobile app where you can track your orders.

Click on the button below of the courier that delivers to you to download the tracking app guide for that courier. 

FastWay head office nr: 011 974 2845. You may also contact this number to track your order. Give them your invoice number.

FNF head office nr: 010 060 8200. You may also contact this number to track your order. Give them your invoice number.