How much money do you want to make as a business leader?

By recruiting a few new reps into your team every month you could have R8,000 to R10,000 per month extra at the end of 12 months.

Does that sound like something that you would want to do?

Unlike other network marketing companies, JUSTINE’s joining fee is small and people can start to earn with their very first order. The brand is KNOWN and TRUSTED because the company is over 45 years old and most people know or have heard of the product before.

All you have to do is show people what you are doing so they can duplicate you and in this process you will grow a huge team.

We’ve built our teams by using a variety of methods and below are two of these that won’t cost you any money and will allow you to build a huge team.

We’ve laid the steps out for you below for some simple and effective ways to recruit, any easier than that we’d have to do the work for you.

Ask us if there are some things that you are not sure of or need some guidance but don’t settle for anything less than EXTRAORDINARY results because you have access to the recipe right here.

So the REAL question is: How dedicated are you to build a better future for you and your family?

By following the steps and advice below you can be in a completely different future by this time next year if you TAKE ACTION.

Working for a boss on a 9 to 5 job is not the life anyone deserves.
What happens when you get sick? When you get into an accident and can’t go to work? What happens when you have to retire but there aren’t any retirement money?
Many people prefer to just not think about it and hope for the best, but that is not what entrepreneurs do.
As an entrepreneur you plan and do. You stick to your plan no matter what because you know you are working on your own future, on your own wealth.
The Basics

Who do you know?

Who are your family and friends?

Who is your best Justine customer? Convert her into a Consultant. Give people the opportunity to earn an extra income.

Do they have family and friends? Ask friends of friends and friends of family if they know someone who could use an extra earning opportunity.

Do you belong to any any of these… or grow your network by prospecting at:

  • Work
  • Clubs
  • School Runs/Lift Clubs
  • Nurseries
  • Health Clubs
  • Local Shops
  • Retirement Villages
  • Local Community/Social Groups
  • Hairdressers
  • Doctor and Dentist Waiting Rooms
  • Local Dentists

Know your surroundings and neighborhood

  • Do you attend any large community activities on a regular basis?
  • Where are the best places to leave posters and flyers?
  • Let your daily routine work for you – talk to everyone you meet.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to recruit and print flyers etc.

What we regularly do is take the old Justine brochures, it doesn’t matter what the date on them is, then neatly cut out all of the pages in the brochure and attach a business card or a sticker onto each page to entice customers to buy or to join. This way one brochure can serve as 60 to 80 flyers.



Recruiting via Facebook

By leveraging the internet you can reach much more people than you would by recruiting in the streets.

Although street recruiting is great when you are starting out to build a strong foundation, eventually you will want to reach out to more people to build a wide team. By using the Facebook you can network with a lot of people and recruit many of them into your business.

IMPORTANT: South Africa has a lot of fraud and some people try to join Justine and Avon with someone else’s ID just to receive the products and then to never pay the account. The person on the ID then doesn’t know that here is an account on their name and they get blacklisted. Justine and Avon will hold you liable for the payment of the account if it is determined that you sent in a registration for the fraudulent account. Therefore if you cannot immediately meet a person that wants to sign up, tell them to take a picture of themselves holding the ID on their chest so that their identity can be verified and that you can make sure the ID is theirs.

Ok, so let’s continue…

The first step is to make your personal Facebook profile attractive, meaning post happy posts, motivational posts and celebrate your wins. You want to look like a very happy and positive person so that other people will be happy to join and work with you.

How it works (DO ALL OF THIS EVERY DAY):

  1. Login to Facebook and scroll through your time-line and browse through the posts that your friends are sharing. Look at the people who interact and respond to those posts, those who comment and like the posts. 
  2. Go to each of those people’s profiles and see if they look like positive people and someone you can see yourself working with.
  3. Do this every day and send a friend request to about 10 of those people per day. If you send friend requests to more than 15 or 20 people per day Facebook might flag your account.
  4. Once you are friends with them, their posts will start to show up in your time-line.
  5. Like and comment on about 30 to 50 posts of your friends.
  6. What will happen is that those people will be curious and go to your profile, that is why it is important to make your profile attractive and post your “wins” on your wall.
  7. Your wins are whenever you receive a new customer, post about it on your wall how happy you are for this new customer and that it gets more money in your pocket. When you have a new leader in your team, share the success on your wall for the worlds to see, when you win incentives or jump a rank put it up on your wall. When your own leaders jump a rank, congratulate them on your wall.
  8. Start a conversation with a few people that you have friended on Facebook but don’t talk about Justine yet, just talk about some positive, exciting things. On the first one or two chats, only tel them about your Justine business if they ask you about it, otherwise keep it casual and then later you can subtly steer the conversation there naturally when you ask them what do they do and they ask you that question back.


Street and Stand Recruiting
Many area sales managers have recruiting days where they stand with a Justine branded gazebo near a shopping center or on a street corner where they recruit people off the streets.

Doing sign-ups like this is easy and simple and can build a strong foundation as you quickly learn how to approach people and learn how to do a sign up.

This technique also “shows” your potential recruit how easy it is to get people and grow their own teams should they wish to become business leaders.

How it works:

  1. Contact your area sales manager and ask her for a schedule of her recruiting days. Tell her that you want to go with when they are recruiting.
  2. Get yourself an orange T-Shirt and cap so that you can stand out. Justine’s branded items are orange so it will make you stand out.
  3. Also, get a clip-board and some empty applications and brochures. If you don’t have application packs, ask your area sales manager for it, they always have many of these with them.
  4. Approach people who passes by and tel them what it is that you are doing and if they too are interested in making an extra income.
  5. If you don’t know who your area sales manager is, ask me or contact head office at 0860102345 and ask them for the details.