To make sure you pay the correct amount and that your JUSTINE account is always up to date it is important to understand how to read the invoices that you will receive from JUSTINE.

Please refer to the picture attached to this email as it will explain all of this.


When items are marked under SHORTED it means that when they’ve packed your order, those items were out of stock. You will then receive those items with the next order that you place if those items are back in stock by that time, otherwise it will again show under SHORTED until it is back in stock.

You are not charged for SHORTED items, only when they are back in stock and included in your box will you be charged for them at the price you ordered them on originally.

Bags and Jewelry are most of the time limited. Therefore if these items go out of stock it will show “DISCONTINUED” on your invoice which means they will not receive more stock of these and they will not be included with your next order.

If your ordered an item and it is not under SHORTED items and you were charged for it, please contact me.

NB: Always keep your invoices and payment slips in a safe place in case you need to refer to them at a later stage.