There are many different ways that you can place your next Justine order, click on the headings below to reveal the methods.


Online Orders
  • Log into your account at If you are not yet registered on the Justine website just click login then “register”, complete your details and leave the “District number” empty, there is no need for that.
  • Go to “My Orders” at the top menu and click on “Place an Order“.
  • Click on “Start an Order” and in the “Product number” fields enter the product code, but always start with a zero “0” if there are only 4 numbers in your code.
    (zero) in front of the code.
  • For example, if you want to order code 4713, enter 04713.
  • When you’ve entered all of the codes, just click the red “Continue” button at the top right of the page.
  • On every page just follow and click the Red Button until the very last page where it says: “Your order has been submitted”, do not exit until you reach this page otherwise your order will not be submitted but just pending.

Got data? Watch the video.

SMS Orders
  • Always use the same cell phone number as the one you’ve signed-up with, otherwise it will not work.
  • Type your orders using the following format.
    QUANTITY SPACE CODE SPACE QUANTITY and just keep adding product codes and quantities for your entire order
  • For example let’s say we are in August, that is month 8 right? And let’s say you want to order code 4637 x 1, 0750 x 2 and 7057 x 1. Also, let say your Justine account number is 12345678.
    This is how you will send the SMS: 0 12345678 8 4637 1 0750 2 7057 1
  • Send your order to 43117
Mobile App
  • If you have a smartphone visit your IPhone or Android App Store.
  • Download the Justine Brochure App.
  • Log in using your account number and password. (If you don’t have one – you will need to register on
  • Place your order either by entering the codes of the products you want to order or by tapping on the product on the page in the brochure and entering your desired quantity.
  • Don’t forget to order brochures.
  • Submit your order
Send orders via the Order Form

You can also send your orders directly to JUSTINE head office so that they can place it for you. You may use any of the below order forms, please make sure the form is completed neatly, and all of your codes are correct, otherwise they will not place it.

After you’ve completed one of the forms, send it to

NB: Follow up after two days if your order was placed, either by logging into your account to check if the order is there or call head office early in the morning 0860102345.

Click here to download the print version: Click Here

Click Here for Printable Order Form Click here to dowload the excell version: Click Here for Excell Order Form