As a direct-selling company, Justine has over 40 years experience of printing great brochures that will sell the products for you.

Follow these steps on how to get your first customers and develop a strong base for your business.

How do I get customers? 

A) Invitation list

Write the names of all the people you know on a invitation list, as an option you can also write down the date on which they get paid so you know when you can remind them of Justine’s specials.Invitation list

Write down the places you visit regularly, like a shopping centre, salon, church, library and school. All of these places present opportunities to you. The more people that will see your products or your advertisements, the more sales you will have.

Take a look at this example: You have 10 people who see your brochure and 3 people order something. Congratulations you just got your first 3 customers now don’t stop here. In this example you showed the brochure to 10 people, now show the brochure to 30 people and you get 9 customers. By showing the brochure to 3 times as many people you gained 3 times as many customers! 

Your sales will be directly affected to how many people you are willing to show the brochure to. 

Where to advertise?
(write your name and cell no on the FRONT of the brochure NB: Also write “Contact Me!”)

1) Local shopping centre notice board – Print a nice picture of the Justine Tissue Oil and a small photo of you, write your contact details and ask customers to phone you for an appointment to view the brochure.
2) Hairs salon, nail salon – Ask the owner if you can leave a few brochures in their salon. Everyone who sits in a salon to get their hair or nails done browse through magazines to pass the time, they would love to browse through your Justine brochure.
3) Church – Place an advert in your church’s newsletter or show a brochure to a few of the ladies after church in the tea room.
4) Library – Ask for permission to leave a couple of your brochures there.  
5) School – Schools are great for you to go and advertise yourself. Teachers always make time to look through a Justine brochure.
6) Doctor, Dentist reception room – People always read whatever is lying on the table in front of them in the waiting rooms so put a few brochures there.
7) OLX – You really can sell anything on OLX ( and it’s free to register and advertise your products.


IdeaHOT TIP: Research shows that in general people don’t react to an offer or advertisement unless there is a “CALL TO ACTION” on the offer or advert. A “call to action” is simply saying, “Call me today!” or “Call me to see the new brochure!”, it’s basically instructing the customer to take action. This have an effect on the subconscious of the customer and will convert in much more sales for you. Without a call to action people will just walk right past your banner, business card or advert.


B) Power of 3

I recommend to start with your friends and family, then ask them for the names of their friends and their families that would be interested.Power of 3

People recommend restaurants, shops, movies and more to their friends every day and so they will also recommend your products. To get your customers to recommend your Justine business:

Build Rapport – Learn about their preferences (keep track by maintaining personal profiles)

Be Direct – Ask for the names of others who would enjoy shopping with Justine

Show Appreciation – A simple “thank you” goes a long way towards growing your customer list!

A lot of times I hear “but people don’t have money anymore, it’s difficult times”. This is not true, people spend money on all kinds of nonsense everyday. On weekends they spend hundreds on drinks that will last them 10 minutes, or visit casinos or buy chocolates and chips with their groceries.

C) Remember the 4 A’s: Anywhere, Anytime, Always, Ask.

It doesn’t matter where you are, don’t be afraid to ask anyone, anytime, anywhere if they would like to see the Justine brochure.

Why do I need more Customers?

More customer are more moneyThis question is pretty straight forward, the more customers you have, the more you will earn.

Remember this: The more people that see the brochure, the more customers you will have.

Just like renting a shop in a busy mall where there’s lots of people, it’s just as important to show your brochure to lots of people.

More Traffice = More Sales = More Earnings

How do I keep my customers?

Make sure you have knowledge of what is in the brochure. Every month you will find descriptions in the brochure on how to use some of the products, make sure you save the brochures and learn more about the products. There is quite a few tips in every brochure.

Customer Service: Keep in contact with you customers and update your customer calling book.

Keep track of what your customers use, when you talk to the customer show personalized attention and even create a special just for that person’s needs.

Example: If your customer likes Tissue Oil, create a special with three Tissue Oil products and combine it in one price. You don’t have to give the customer extra discount but just combine the products for her needs. This will show her that you take care of her needs and she will reward you in return.

Sharing your experiences from the products will help you a lot in converting someone that is using other skin care products to using and buying your Justine products.