You have 3 options:

1. Online at 

Have your consultant number on hand. Click on the login link on the top right of the page and follow the instructions. Go to place an order and enter the codes, quantities and save the order. Remember to order your brochures and save your order and continue to the next window, here you will see this is the "Just for You" brochure, you can order from that or just enter the codes (entering the codes is quicker) then continue. On this page you will see these are online offers only and you can add items by entering a quantity and click on order and it will be added automatically. Then continue to the last page, it will show your order and delivery address, you can change this if you want by clicking on user type otherwise just enter your email address and number of customers this order is for and submit your order. As soon as you receive the confirmation email your order has been placed.

2. Email orders to head office here:

You can only use the standard form template not the excel spread sheet one. To submit an order by email please indicate in subject field of your email "Justine Order" with your account number and Campaign number. Please follow up to see if the order was placed by the next day by logging into your account or ask me to check for you. Always remember to add brochures to your order, the codes are at the back of the "Just for You" .

3. Sms Orders: 

Type: 0SpaceAccountNumberSpaceCampaignNumberSpaceProductCodeSpaceQuantitySpace (if the campaign is C1, just type “1” and not “01”

Then just keep adding the next code and quantity and so forth. Here's an example, this is my account number: 59611234, the current campaign (month) is campaign 3, I want to order code 5811 quantity 1 and code 5862 quantity 3. So this is how my SMS will look like:

0 59611234 3 5811 1 5862 3

Send your order to 43116

(remember the cell phone you are using the number must be the one on your account otherwise this will not work)