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How To Track My Order
If you see that your order has been “Invoiced” more that 5 work days ago but you have not yet received it, phone head office at 0860102345 and speak to an agent to track it for you. You can also send them an email to

They assist with:

  • Tracking Orders with the couriers directly (you can also ask them the couriers phone number to call them directly. I’ve attached it to this email as-well.
I always take my drivers number as well in case you are not home/work address to sign for your delivery. Always leave a permission letter for who ever to sign for you with an id copy because if they deliver and you are not home they will send your order back to head office and they would have to resend the order that takes up another week to reach you.
  • Check if your order has been invoiced
Delivery takes 4-5 working days excluding Saturdays and Sundays. Check your invoice date, if you don’t receive it within 4-5 working days you must call Head Office to track your order.
  • Shorted Items – Invoiced

If you were invoiced for an item and did not receive it, send me a copy of the invoice with the item code marked. Then call head office and ask them to add that item on back order then it will be merged with your next invoiced order.


How do I check my account balance?
Log into your Avon account and click “My Office” – “My Account”

SMS: BalanceSpaceAccountNumber to 31394

Or call head office credit control on 010 205 5010 

I have a problem with my order what do I do now? (Duplicate order, shorted, product not received but invoiced, wrong order, change my order)
Log into your Justine account, open the invoice and compare your order with the invoice. Make sure the code and quantity you ordered are correct.

Duplicate Order

If there’s a mistake on your account and your order were placed twice, you can send the duplicate order to me. I will then write a credit note for you and send your order back to head office. The amount of the duplicate order will then be credited back to your account in 2 to 3 weeks.

Some Products Are Not In The Box

Check on your invoice under the heading “Shorted”. When products are not in stock in will be displayed under “Shorted” and you will receive it with your next order IF it is in stock, otherwise you will receive it at a later time when it’s back in stock. You do not get charged for “Shorted” products and even if it’s only available in the next campaign you will still be charged the price you would’ve paid in the campaign it was ordered.

If the product is missing from your box but it is displayed on the invoice and you were charge for it, send me an email and I will write a credit slip so head office can credit the amount back to your account. If you want the product to be added to your next order let me know so I can phone head office and ask that they include it in your next order.

You Just Placed An Order And Need To Change Something

Keep in mind that Justine have thousands of consultants and there is a certain procedure and policy to make certain orders leave the warehouse as soon as possible. If you have a credit account and placed an order then there is nothing we can do to change or add something to that order. If you have a cash account and need to change or add something, you may call head office and ask an agent to delete your current order, when the order is deleted you can log into your account and place the correct order.

Incorrect Products Sent, Broken or Leaked Product Package

If you receive your order and some of the products were broken, leaked or it’s just the wrong product, you may send it to me. I can write a credit note for you and send it to head office with the products. Head office will then send you new products with your next order if you like or they can just credit the amount back to your account.

I ordered the wrong product what do I do now?
You can only add/change your order before it is invoiced ( log into your account and see if it has been invoiced). If it has follow the following steps:

1. Send your unwanted products to me together with the invoice, mark the products that is in the box. (this must be send on your own expense and cannot be claimed back, if it was head office’s fault, I will reimburse you the postage). Remember if you stayed close to me it would have been your responsibility to drop off the products, now instead of paying for petrol or taxi you send it via post office. (Always try to sell the unwanted products at cost price first, many times this will provide you with a happy client and more sales to you.)

2. Sms/email me your parcel tracking number for me to follow up.

3. I will then collect the parcel from the postal office and take it to my Sales Manager to be credited. You will receive an sms as soon as the product has been credited.

Keep in mind this process can take up to 3 weeks.

If am not sure which code to use for a certain product. What can I do?
To make sure you order the correct product with the correct code please contact me, sms me or email me with all the details of the product and page number that you want to order. I will then get back to you as soon as possible.

Example: Buy the hydrating night cream and choose a night cream for free..

Remember: If the brochure says “CHOOSE YOUR FREE PRODUCT“, you will have to provide a code for your free products. If the brochure says “FREE PRODUCT WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE INCLUDED” the you should not provide the code for the free product on your order form, otherwise you will receive 2 of the free products but only one will be free and you will have to pay for the other one.

If I want a credit limit increase what do I do?
If you have been selling 3 months and your account was paid up on time every time and you have placed orders for 3 consecutive months then you may ask for a credit limit increase by phoning credit control at 0102055010.

If you currently have a pre-paid account, then you will need to sell for 6 months before we can request a credit increase.

My order is on hold, what can I do?
Send your proof of payment to

Send your email like example:


Justine account: 10564456

Please release my held order.

POP attached.


What happens if I don’t pay my account by the due date?
Once you have placed an order you have 21 days to pay the full invoice amount to Justine. If you have not paid the full amount after the 21 days, your future orders will go on hold until the due amount is paid up.

When the due amount has not been paid for 90 days, your account will be handed over for collection and your information will be provided to the credit bureau.

What are the Justine payment details?