What are your dreams and goals?

Have you ever sat down, relaxed and written down your dreams and goals for the future? If not, then do it NOW!
It’s really important to write your goals down, rather than just saying them in your head. By writing your goals on a piece of paper it benefits you subconscious mind tremendously. It will feel more real and achievable. Write it in your diary.

Write your goals as if you already “have” achieved them instead of something you “want” to achieve.

Example: Focus on goals
“I am earning an extra R2000 per month.” (Instead of “I want to earn an extra R2000 per month”) 

It’s important to start small and make it believable. Achieve your first goal then write a bigger goal, this way you will grow steady and feel good about your achievements along the way.

A lot of small actions and achievements every day equals to one massive action and achievement in a year.

It doesn’t matter what business or opportunity you follow, there is one variable that will decide who becomes a success and who fails. That variable is YOU. We all have 24 hours in a day, it’s for you to decide what to do with those 24 hours. Don’t blame others for your failures, take responsibility and accept it for what it is and move forward, return to the drawing board and plan ahead.

Every path has obstacles along the way now and then, those who become successful work around these obstacles and move forward. Your future doesn’t depend on the mood of the government, your boss, your spouse or your history, it depend on YOU…