When you approach a possible new recruit to explain the Justine opportunity to her take the Start Smart Guide with you and explain each step as you follow along in the guide. The guide shows the consultant the commission that she will be able to earn etc.


Also make sure the new recruit understands that she will be billed R85 once-off registration fee and there is a R23 admin fee for every order placed. With her first order of every month, Justine also includes 3 brochures of the following month at R15 total.

There are two ways that a person may apply to become a consultant, through:

  1. completing the paper forms or
  2. you can complete and online application for the person.
1) Completing the paper application and order form

Complete the application for every recruit neatly in block letters with a black pen. Make sure there is only one letter per block.

Before you send you first completed application to registrations, please first send it to me to double-check and then afterwards you can send it directly to registrations.

Make sure every recruit hand you the completed application form with a completed order form. The order should be R515 or more.

Also the new recruit must give or send you a copy of his/her ID document or card. If the recruit is not near you, you may ask him/her to take a picture of the card or document so that all letters are CLEARLY visible and then email or WhatsApp it to you and to products yourself also ask for a copy of the person with a pic of him/her holding the ID above his/her chest.

To Summarize how to complete and sign up a consultant:

  1. Complete the application and order form in block letters and black pen
  2. Scan the application form, order form and ID card/book together as one PDF
  3. Email the application to justine.registrations@avon.com



After 2 or 3 days the consultant should be registered and you can explain her account to her.

I use CamScanner to scan my applications, it’s a mobile app. If you have a smartphone go to Google Play store or App Store on the phone and then download CamScanner. Use this app to scan the application, order and ID document together as one document. DO NOT take the picture of the documents at a distance so that it is unreadable, if you cannot read it then Justine will also be unable to read it, everything must be clearly readable.

Pdf instrucitons on how to download and use camscanner APP.

Camscanner Quick Guide Final _V1 2017




2) Completing the online application and order form (by using your computer, cell or tablet)

 By completing an online application and order it’s much quicker to get the new consultant registered.

Please watch the video below on how to complete the online application: