After registration head office will SMS the consultant’s account number to his/her phone. 

You will also be able to see the consultant’s account number on your daily report pack that you will receive via email , get it from your Sales Manager if the consultant is in Sales Manager’s area or just ask the consultant to forward you the SMS’s that she has received.

Then follow the next 4 steps to make sure that the consultant starts correctly: Remember we can not choose what type of account we have. Head Office does a credit check with the credit bureau and according to that the consultant is granted a certain type of account.

STEP 1: When the consultant is registered you will need to explain to her how her account works. She either received a credit account, pay as you go account or deposit to buy account.

Credit Account

21-Day Account for SA / 30-Day for Namibia

If your opening order IS within your credit limit and therefore it was already released and you will receive it in 4 to 5 work days, this does not include Saturdays and Sunday.

If your order is more than your credit limit you will be asked to pre-pay the difference then only on proof of payment received your order will be send for delivery.

You may trace it by calling JUSTINE at 0860102345, press 5 to speak to an operator and give the operator your account number.

The credit limit is borrowed money for you to get your order then order amount must be paid back by the invoice due date in your box.

After your registration form was processed, JUSTINE gave you a credit limit which means you can place orders on your account and have 21 days (30 days for Namibia) from the date of invoice to pay.

  • You can see the invoice due date on the actual invoice you will receive in your box.
  • Make sure you pay it on or before that day.
  • They are very strict and if payment is received late they can take away your credit limit.
  • This will allow you to place orders up to the value of that limit.
  • If your order exceeds your limit, JUSTINE will request you to pay in the difference before delivering your order to you.
  • Your orders will be processed and delivered by JUSTINE Head Office you then distribute to your customers.
  • Your customers pays you when you deliver the order.
  • Collect the money, pay JUSTINE amount due on the invoice and keep the rest for you that’s your commission.
  • Place your next order and continue to earn extra income.
  • Remember on your first order you pay once off administration fee of R85

EXAMPLE: If your orders are R1200 but you received a R900 credit account, it means you will need to pay the difference before they will release your order.
So in this example the difference is R300 (R1200 – R900).
If there is a difference to be paid, JUSTINE will send you this amount to pay via SMS, otherwise just ask me for it if you didn’t receive it.
They will then release your order after payment and you have 21 days left to pay for the rest of the order

Pre-Payment Account

You have to pre-pay the discounted amount up front before Justine Head Office sends your order.

Why did you qualify for a Pre-Payment Amount?

Justine Head Office does a credit check with the credit bureau if you have outstanding payments with other shops like Edgar’s, Home Choice, pep or if you don’t have credit record (no accounts at other shops) then they make you a pre-payment account but this is only for 6 months. If you place and pay your orders for 6 months (the orders must be invoiced in the same month they are submitted and payed for) then you can ask them for a credit limit. They give you a chance to proof yourself so make it count.

What if you cannot pay up front?

You can always place small orders just for yourself and customers who don’t mind paying up front for 6 months just to build up a record then as soon as you get your credit limit then start selling to customers. Or pay out of your own pocket on pay day then just when you deliver to your customers pay back yourself. You can also ask your customers for a 50% deposit then you add the other 50%, when you delivery the products to them they pay you the rest.

More Info and Tips:

Justine will send your order as soon as they receive your proof of payment.

Make a payment and send the proof of payment via Fax to :010 205 6350 REF: Justine account number, or email the proof of payment to

  • All orders come from head office and not from me, your Business Leader.
  • To track your order call head office at 0860102345 press 5 and speak to an operator. Have your Justine account number with you. Best time to call is early morning 8am or 5pm
  • Please make sure I have your personal email address for training, stock reports and important information.
  • And make sure you check your emails weekly.
  • This is a lot of information to take in so take your time but do read it through it can make a difference!
  • NB: Always keep your Invoices from your box at least 2 months, in case you need to return something.

Deposit to Buy

  • If ITC Scorecard allows for it, someone who would have been Pre-Payment account may be granted Deposit to Buy.
  • You will be given two options which you can choose from to purchase upfront to get the credit.
  • Deposit R250 to get R1000 credit.
  • If you take the option of buying credit and ORDER AND PAY every month for 3 consecutive months, your credit will be doubled AND your deposit will be credited to your Justine account.
  • If you order and pay ANY 3 months in the first 6-month period, your deposit will be credited to your Justine account. However, your credit will not be doubled.
  • If your account is not paid by the due date, you will become a pay as you go account.

      How does a Deposit to Buy account work?

      You make a deposit to “buy” your Credit Limit as soon as you deposit you get a credit account. See more below at step 1.

      Why did you qualify for a deposit to buy account?

      It might be that you don’t have any credit record for instance you don’t have any accounts (pep/Edgar’s/Foschini/home choice).
      You can enquire at credit control about the reason.

      Here’s how your deposit to buy account works…

      • For R1000 credit deposit R250
      • Please note that the amount deposited basically purchases your credit limit not your order.
      • There for as soon as you deliver you products to your clients pay in the amount due on the invoice in full. Payment due date on invoice.
      • The amount you deposited is for the credit limit only, u still pay your order in full
      • If you place and pay your orders in full for 3 months in a row your credit limit will be doubled, and if ur acc is paid up in full by end of the 3rd month you can request your deposit back in cash or it can be deducted from your current balance

    STEP 2: You will need to explain to the consultant how to pay and the payment details.

    STEP 3: Send the new consultant a link to this training website and the login details so he/she can too go through all of the info:
    Username: member
    Password: iamamember

    STEP 4: Show your team member how to place his/her next orders and help your new team member with any help he/she needs to become successful. When your members are successful, YOU are successful.

    STEP 5: After a month or so when your member is confident on how his/her account works and how to place his/her own orders, tel the new consultant about the leadership opportunity to increase his/her earnings.