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We are so excited that you are on this training website so that you can learn and and grow your knowledge to become a successful representative or leader. I hope it will help you on your journey to reach your dreams and goals.

Knowledge is power and the more you know the better and the more confident you will be in running your AVON business. Wake up every day with a dream and go to bed with a dream and you will be motivated each and every day to achieve your goals.

Do you want a certificate to show your achievement of being an Independent AVON Representative?

How about a fancy certificate to brag with like this one? 

To get a certificate like the one above, complete the course “AVON Independent Representative”. (scroll down this page then click on the course.)

Not Completed

No Certificate

  • You will still be an Independent AVON Representative but it will be more difficult for customers to verify you as a representative.
  • No certificate to print and hang on your wall.
  • Less confidence in your business which means less earnings.
  • No recognition to share, customers are more likely to buy with reps who have gone through training.

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Want to take your journey and money making potential even further?

Apply to become a sales leader, then after you’ve done the representative course, do the AVON Independent Sales Leader Course and receive a digital certificate to show your achievement of being an Independent AVON Sales Leader like the one below.

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  • AVON Independent Sales Leader Course

    10 Lessons

    Ready to grow your business and income further as an AVON Independent Sales Leader? All that you need is determination and the will to succeed. Learn how the different income levels works, how to grow your team size, how to read your reports and much more.